Is Dyson AM10 discontinued?



The Dyson AM10 humidifier and fan has been a popular choice for those seeking both air hydration and cooling functionalities. However, over time, the availability of certain models may change due to various factors. By providing specific details and considerations, we aim to give you the most up-to-date information about the Dyson AM10.


Is Dyson AM10 discontinued?

Historical Availability and Model History

1.1. Dyson AM10 Release

The Dyson AM10 humidifier and fan was introduced to the market to provide both sleek design and multi-functionality, combining efficient humidification with powerful air projection. This model gained popularity for its patented Ultraviolet Cleanse technology, which claimed to kill bacteria in the water before dispersing it as mist.


1.2. Historical Availability

The Dyson AM10 was initially widely available for purchase through various retailers, both online and offline. It was marketed as a premium product and was often stocked by well-known appliance stores and authorized Dyson retailers.


Dyson AM10’s Discontinuation

2.1. Changed Availability

Although the Dyson AM10 was previously available for purchase, its status may have changed since its introduction. Dyson, like many other manufacturers, periodically updates its product lineup. This may result in certain models being discontinued to make way for newer versions or different product offerings.


2.2. Dyson’s Evolving Product Range

Dyson is known for its innovative and ever-evolving range of products. As the company invests in research and development, it continuously releases new and improved models to meet consumer demand and technology advancements. Discontinuing certain models, including the Dyson AM10, allows for replacing them with updated models that better align with the company’s vision and objectives.


2.3. Dyson Support and Customer Service

To ascertain the current availability of the Dyson AM10, it is advisable to directly contact Dyson customer support or visit their official website. Their knowledgeable customer service representatives will have the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding the availability of the AM10 model.


Considerations Before Purchase

3.1. Official Dyson Sales Channels

When seeking the purchase of a Dyson AM10 humidifier and fan, it is recommended to buy from official Dyson sales channels. These include authorized Dyson retailers, the official Dyson website, or other reputable sellers that are verified partners with Dyson. Purchasing from these trusted sources ensures the authenticity of the product and may provide additional benefits such as warranty coverage and customer support.


3.2. Resale and Second-Hand Markets

In certain cases, discontinued models like the Dyson AM10 may be available through third-party sellers or in the resale market. While this allows potential buyers to acquire an AM10, it is important to exercise caution and ensure the product’s authenticity and condition before making a purchase.


Alternatives and Upgraded Models

4.1. Dyson’s Product Lineup

Dyson continually updates its product lineup, introducing new models that incorporate the latest technology and features. Dyson’s product lineup often includes innovative and technologically advanced humidifiers and fans that offer comparable features and performance.


4.2. Updated and Improved Models

If the Dyson AM10 has been discontinued, it is possible that Dyson has introduced new and improved models that surpass its capabilities. Checking out Dyson’s current offerings can lead to the discovery of upgraded models that deliver enhanced functionality, improved performance, and better overall user experience.




Determining the current availability of the Dyson AM10 requires checking directly with Dyson’s official channels, as discontinued models are a natural part of companies’ product lifecycles. By staying informed about Dyson’s current lineup, consumers can make informed decisions and choose from the range of products offered by this reputable brand.